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Physical Therapy in Orem and Provo


Bushnell Physical Therapy and Orem Sports Medicine Center are committed to improving quality of life and helping others achieve the highest level of function that is possible. Their mission is to continually go the extra mile in attention, patient education, professionalism, friendliness, and skilled care.

Our Philosophy

We believe that physical therapy is based around the three R’s: Reset, Retrain, and Restore. “Reset. Retrain. Restore.” is implemented into the plan of care to create an optimal environment of healing. Through hands-on technique and treatment, which include additional trainings and certifications, the pain cycle is “Reset”. Utilizing patient education and a personalized therapeutic exercise program, the patient is empowered to “Retrain” muscles, posture, stabilization, and proper movement patterns. This helps the patient to avoid rebounding, or reoccurring symptoms, which “Restore” prior levels of activity and function.

“There was never a time during the following eight months that I ever felt less than their only patient even when the clinic was full. Dan even made special riggings and bursitis supports to increase progress and reduce pain. I was given exercises to do at home that continued to improve healing and mobility.”

“The junior staff in the clinic were just as amazing. No matter who worked with me, they knew me. They read my chart thoroughly and followed prescribed treatment. Everyone there always encouraged me.”

“From my first visit, Ned Bushnell was comforting and encouraging.  I felt like the therapists and staff were concerned for me, individually.  I never felt like I was just another number or like a patient that they wanted to hurry along. The staff always took their time with me, and and best of all they were supportive and kind.”

Our Philosophy: The Three R’s



Hands on treatment provided by the Physical Therapists to manage pain, decrease muscle tension or correct joint alignment/mobility. Including Astym, Joint Mobilization or Manipulation, passive range of motion stretching, soft tissue mobilization, Trigger Point Dry Needling, or Myofascial Release techniques.



The portion of the plan of care performed by the patients with the guidance of the Physical Therapist. Including the Therapeutic Exercise Program, Stabilizations training, Balance or Gait training, and the Home Exercise Program.



Successfully discharging the patient to an independently managed home exercise program and resumption of prior levels of functional activity to minimize the risk of rebounding symptoms.

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