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Manual Therapy

Soft Tissue mobilization is used in Physical Therapy to help other tissue increase in mobility and decrease in pain. Some of the treatments we use are trigger point release, augmented soft tissue mobilization (Astym) to decrease scar tissue and fibrosis, myofascial release to help myofascial planes improve in mobility, and trigger point massage. As soft tissue releases and softens, range of motion will
improve and pain will usually decrease and function will improve.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a treatment option offered at Bushnell Physical Therapy and Orem Sports Medicine Center, to address pain caused by a trigger point (or “knot”) within a muscle.  The treatment involves the advancing of a monofilament needling into the muscle in the area of the body which is causing pain and contains a “trigger point”.  The stimulus from the treatment can deactivate or “release” the trigger point leading to decreased muscle tension and pain.  The release of tension allows for improved nutritive blood flow to the previously unhealthy muscle fibers, and combined with a personalized therapeutic exercise program can help break the commonly chronic cycle of pain.

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Astym Therapy
ASTYM, or A-stim, is an augmented stimulus. This is clinically proven manual therapy treatment that our therapists frequently use to treat injuries related to unhealthy or damaged soft tissue.  The therapist uses special tools to stimulate the breakdown of unhealthy old tissue and then stimulates the creation of new healthy tissue.  We have seen very good results with ASTYM treating diagnoses such as: Tendinitis, muscle tightness/decreased flexibility, scar tissue flowing  surgery, lateral elbow pain, Achillies Tendinopathy, chronic pain, knee, plantar fasciitis and more. To learn more about ASTYM visit: or
Core Stabilization
Core Stabilization is the foundation for pretty much every movement we do, core stabilization plays a crucial role in our ability to function.
Therapeutic Exercises
Our trained physical therapists will provide you with a carefully planned prescription of specific exercises meant to help correct your specific needs. This is the Retrain portion of our healing philosophy Reset, Retrain, Restore. Whether you need greater strength, flexibility, or balance, we can help you improve and restore your physical function and decrease pain through the use of therapeutic exercise.
Home Exercise Program
We do as much as we can in office, but the consistency provided by a customized home exercise program ensures the best road to recovery.
Modalities are an important part of our treatment protocols. A variety of modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold, and heat therapy are used to help promote decreased pain, decreased inflammation, and improved mobility.
Your therapist may use custom Kinesiotaping techniques to alleviate pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling, support or activate certain muscles or joints. To learn more about the benefits of kinesiotaping visit:
The most common cause of vertigo is from a condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).  Causes can range from trauma or a direct blow to the head to prolonged positioning with your head back (like in the dentist chair).  Symptoms include a sensation of “spinning” (or vertigo), which may cause nausea or falls.  Treatment involves a series of head movements to shift particles (or “crystals”) in your ear.  This is a treatment technique that all of the PT’s at Bushnell Physical Therapy and Orem Sports Medicine Center are trained to perform.
Custom Orthotics
Made specifically for your feet, and refined, if needed, here in Orem so there is no long wait for shipping.
Neck & Back Pain
Your therapist will perform an evaluation and find the cause of your neck or back pain. The therapist with design an evidence supported plan of care, including the appropriate therapeutic exercise and manual therapy to help you achieve optimal recovery. This could include core/cervical stabilization exercises, joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, or an individually tailored stretching program.
Total Joint Recovery
Whether it’s your hip, shoulder, or knee, our therapists can guide you to recovery following your total joint replacement. With the combined use of various modalities, therapeutic exercise, and manual techniques, we can help you regain your function while reducing your pain. Our therapists will work closely with your surgeon to help you reach your goals of recovery as quickly and as safely as possible.
Auto Accident Rehabilitation
Being in a car accident can cause a wide variety of injuries, leading to a wide variety of aches and pains. Gentle hands-on techniques paired with specific exercises will help manage your pain while improving your overall function. Whether you’re suffering from back pain, post-concussion symptoms, or whiplash, our trained staff will get you back on the road to recovery.
Work Related Injuries
Hit your thumb with a hammer? We can help you recover from work related injuries to get you back to bringing home the bacon. MMMM…bacon.
We treat many of the Elderly population for a variety of surgeries or injuries. As we progress with Physical Therapy protocol, we always include a Balance and Fall Prevention Program. We do this to help as much as possible to prevent future falls and injuries. We have had good response to this program and our patients have appreciated the extra care.
Balance & Fall Prevention
In very simple terms, we maintain our balance by using our eyes, ears, and feet.  In other words balance is maintained as three separate systems work together, the visual system, the vestibular system (or the inner ear), and the proprioceptive system (or the body’s ability to make quick adjustments in muscle contraction to assure that joints are maintained in their desired positions).  Balance training involves a personalized exercise program, where the exercises utilized will disadvantage or eliminate one of these systems to force the other systems to train more effectively while in the safe environment of the office.  Decreasing your fall risk through this balance training is an important goal at Bushnell Physical Therapy and Orem Sports Medicine Center.
Post Operation Management
Post-operative Management is a significant part of our practice. We have many patients who have had surgeries. Each referral from a surgeon comes with a specific protocol for rehabilitation. We work closely with the surgeons to give the best care possible. We follow the time lines and precautions and maintain a good relationship with each surgeon to help patients achieve the best results possible.
Maintenance Program
Maintenance or Wellness program- We provide a an affordable alternative to attending the gym with the advantage of having a physical therapist to design a personalized a training plan to meet your specific health needs.

All Sports & Orthopedic Injuries
Injuries can happen during a variety of activities, in an even greater variety of ways. You may be a volleyball player with pain in your knees. Maybe you play baseball, and you’ve been experiencing a lot of pain in your throwing arm and shoulder. No matter the sport, our trained therapists can help you feel better while maximizing your performance. Creating a specific exercise program for you and your sport, we can help get back on the court, field, track, or course competing at your best.
Gait Analysis
Whether it’s walking or running, we can analyze your gait and help you improve your mechanics to improve efficiency and decrease pain.
Joint Mobilization
Joint mobilization is used to improve mobility in all joints of the body. Mobilization helps improve range of motion which improves the health of a joint and surrounding tissues. Hands on mobilization is a major part of our practice and is a very important technique we use to help our patients with their rehabilitation and improve their quality of life.

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